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Water Heater Repairs

Don’t wait for disaster to happen by postponing water heater repairs. Know the signs that your water heater is about to fail, jeopardizing the comfort offered by your family’s hot water supply.

The general rule is that you should seriously consider replacing a water heater that’s over 10 years old. While it is important to check the water heater regularly for leaks. If the water heater is in a place that could cause damage if it leaks, it is especially advisable to examine the water heater for leaks, especially if it is older. You can check the serial number of your water heater and the date it was manufactured. Look for a prominent sticker on the water heating unit.

Fast repairs

Water heater repairsProblems with your water heater don’t necessarily mean you need to replace it. The experienced technicians we collaborate with offer you a quick, friendly and affordable service when your water heater is in crisis. Highly qualified water heater repair technicians in Gloucester will inspect your water heater, diagnose problems and also tell you what your options are for repairing the unit. Besides, problems with a malfunctioning water heater can be as fundamental as loose fittings or connections to the tank.

Look for the classic signs that maintenance may be needed on your water heater:

Cloudy or rusty water comes out of the hot water tap. Rusty-looking water means that the water heater is rusting from the inside and a leak could be imminent. However, check if the rust comes from old galvanized pipes, which would lead to another problem: the possible replacement of the pipe.

Water heating takes longer. The accumulation of sediments requires more energy to heat the water and reduces the energy efficiency of the unit.

The water heater makes rumbling noises. Sediments and particles accumulate at the bottom of the tank as the water heater ages. The material will likely harden when heated continuously. The more time the heater needs to heat the water, the faster it will consume the metal tank, making the metal brittle, breaking it and producing small holes.

The water does not become as hot as it once was. It may be necessary to replace the heating elements in the water tank.

Water appears around the water heater. In case there is standing water underneath or humidity around the water heater, there are probably leaks or cracks that allow the water to escape from the water heater.

Expert water heater repairs

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